Thank you, Sabine Buchwald at Süddeutsche Zeitung for this article: 

'Die Helden aus der Schachtel'

What a special night, what an amazing kick-off! Thank you all for joining us at the very first edition of Animation Festival Munich. The cinema was packed, the films were splendid, and you, our audience, were the best! Thank you so much. 

A huge thank you goes out to Comicfestival München, to our venue the Werkstattkino and, of course, to our filmmakers. 

Photos were kindly provided by Carmen Maria Schweiger and Alexander Isert. 

Watch this space for updates! 

Animation Festival Munich

Sonntag / Sunday, 11.6.2023, Werkstattkino, Fraunhoferstraße 9, ab / from 14:30

Münchens erstes Trickfilmfestival - in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Comicfestival München.
Munich's first Animation Festival - in collaboration with Comicfestival München

Los geht es um 14.30 mit einem 1-stündigen Kinderfilmprogramm (Puppentrick, Zeichentrick und Legetrickfilm). 
Ab 15:45 geht es weiter mit einem Showcase von und mit Alla Churikova (Sandanimation). Danach gibt es eine 'Motionless Movies' Live Performance von Steffen Haas und im Anschluss noch einen Block Kurzfilme (Stop-Motion, 3D-VR Animation, Zeichentrick, Puppentrick). Eingerahmt wird das ganze von drei kurzen 'Golden Age of Animation' Präsentationen, moderiert von Matthias Schäfer. 

Anschliessend könnt ihr den Langfilm 'Alois Nebel' schauen, Regie Tomáš Luňák, basiert auf der gleichnamigen Graphic Novel von Jaroslav Rudiš und Jaromír 99. 

We start off at 14:30 with a one-hour family programme (stop-motion, drawn animation, collage animation).

At 15:45 this will be followed by a showcase by and featuring Alla Churikova (sand animation). Steffen Haas will give a 'Motionless Movies' live performance. After that, the audience will be treated to a final block of exquisite short animated films (stop-motion, puppet animation, 3D-VR animation, 2D drawn animation, collage animation). In between, Matthias Schäfer will give three short presentations about the 'Golden Age of Animation'. 

Last but not least, you can then stay on to watch the 2D animated feature film 'Alois Nebel', directed by Tomáš Luňák, based on the Graphic Novel of the same name by Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99. 


14:30 - 15:00 Kinderkurzfilme bzw. kindertaugliche Filme / Family programme

Island - Max Mörtl & Robert Löbel
PAWO - Antje Heyn 
Kleiner Wertekanon - Kirill Abdrakhmanov 
CRISS CROSS - Caroline Hamann & Fritz Penzlin
Affendomino - Ulf Grenzer

15:15 Matthias Schäfer: Best of American Cartoons of the Golden Age Teil 1 - für Kinder ab 6 Jahren. 

Ende Kinderprogramm

15:45 - 17:15 Showcase Alla Churikova 

Eine kleine Dickmadam 
Making Of - Eine kleine Dickmadam  
Diskussion / Q&A

Duskussion / Q&A

Diskussion / Q&A

Fly me to the Moon 

17:30 Matthias Schäfer: Best of American Cartoons of the Golden Age Teil 2

18:00 - 18:30 Vortrag Steffen Haas: Motionless Movie Productions 

18:40 - 19:10  Kurzfilmblock 2

 Nachtstück - Anne Breymann
A Goat’s Spell - Gerhard Funk
Das Bett - Lydia Günther
To Be a Tree - Xin Sun
Out of the Blue - Kirill Abdrakhmanov 

19:20 Matthias Schäfer: Best of American Cartoons of the Golden Age Teil 3 

19:45 Intro Alois Nebel by Frances Jackson from Tschechisches Zentrum München.
20:00 Alois Nebel von Tomáš Luňák, basiert auf der gleichnamigen Graphic Novel von Jaroslav Rudiš und Jaromír 99. 

Künstler*innen / Artists

Max Mörtl & Robert Loebel

2008 Robert and Max met at university in Hamburg while studying illustration and communication design. They collaborated on several experimental animation projects & got addicted to animation. Now living in Berlin, Robert is working as an independent filmmaker and animator specialized in 2D animation. Max is based in Munich now, working as an animator and director focused on stop motion & music visuals. From time to time they join their forces to create weird animations.

Antje Heyn

Antje Heyn (*1979 in Bergen on Rügen) is a Berlin based animation director and illustrator. Her work is inspired by daily observations of urban living and culture as well as nature and animals. Besides setting her heart on creating characters and bringing them to life she teaches animation at art academys and is running the Protoplanet Studio. 

Kirill Abdrakhmanov

Kirill Abdrakhmanov was born in the USSR in the 1970s. In the nineties of the last century he came to Germany, where he studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Today he works as a freelance animation filmmaker in Berlin. With his production company "mi niki ngkong productions" he produces animated auteur films, music videos and explainer films.

Ulf Grenzer

Ulf Grenzer, (*1967 in Dresden) studied Animation at the Film College Babelsberg
KONRAD WOLF. He's been working as an animator, supervisor and director on various animation film productions in Berlin, London, Tallinn, Hamburg, Halle and Dresden.
He also teaches animation and illustrates children's books.

Matthias Schäfer

Matt (Matthias) Schäfer, aka Captn, was born in Kaufbeuren in 1970. Starting in Kindergarten, he’s been drawing ever since, having published several different comics in Comicaze and Anthologies since 1994. 
Matt has been studying classic 2D animation under the tutelage of Greg Manwaring since 2008. 
In 2020, he began to work on his own 2D-animated film ‘Captn in Crazyland’. He also reviews comics and films on a regular basis. 

Caroline Hamann & Fritz Penzlin

Caroline Hamann and Fritz Penzlin have been working in animation for a long time. 

Their  latest short animated film CRISS CROSS toured over 50 festivals in 2020 and 2021, winning several awards. 

Alla Churikova

Alla Churikova was born in Russia and grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine. From 1988 onwards, she worked as an animator and artist at Ukranimafilm in Kyiv, as well as in Russia, Poland and Japan. 
She has been based in Germany since 2000, working as a director, illustrator and artist. She has worked as an animator for many German animation studios, has had several exhibitions and sandshows and is continually teaching animation at university. 
Alla Churikovas speciality is sand animation. Her critically acclaimed films have been shown all over world and won diverse prestigious prizes.

Steffen Haas

Steffen Haas studied communication design and fine art in Vienna and Munich. 
He presents his Comics live in Motionless Movie Shows. They’ve been shown in Berlin, Hamburg and New York, amongst other locations. Steffen has illustrated and  published five books at Knaur Verlag. He draws a Comic Strip called ‘Das Küken, die Maus und das Bier’ with Gunter Hansen for In Magazin München. These strips have been assembled into five more books by Strapazin München. 
He’s published even more work in several magazines and anthologies and in-house at Motionless Movie Productions.

Anne Breymann

Anne Breymann is an artist and animation filmmaker based in Berlin. She creates phantasmagoric miniature worlds, inhabited by magical creatures that come alive through animation, diorama and staged photography. In addition, she works as a puppet builder for stop motion animation and runs workshops on puppet making.

Gerhard Funk

Gerhard Funk graduated from Media Arts & Design in 2011 and took jobs in the creative industry such as 3D Animator, Motion Graphics Artist. In 2020 he became an Artistic Associate at Burg Giebichenstein Fine Art Academy (Halle, Germany). Since 2008 Gerhard Funk continues to work on independent animated short films.

Lydia Günther

Lydia Günther (*1982 in Bolshoi Istok), studied Art History and German philology at FU Berlin from 2005 to 2007. In 2007, she commenced to study Animation at HFF Konrad Wolf“ in Babelsberg. Her first student film „Vor dem Spiegel“ was shown at many festivals internationally. Her graduation film „Das Bett“ was completed in 2017. Lydia has since been working as a freelance Animator in Berlin. 

Xin Sun

Xin Sun was born in 1980 in Gui Zhou (China). She has been studying Comic and Animation at the School of Art and Design Kassel and graduated in animation 2013. Now she’s living in Berlin as an Animation filmmaker and illustrator.